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While perusing NamePros a few hours ago, I stumbled upon an interesting post about a .to emoji domain being sold for $5K.

Emoji domains, no matter the extension, have gone ice cold since late December 2017 based on the latest emoji domain sales recorded over at DNAcademy.

Just this week 7 single .WS emoji domains were up for expired auction, yet the 🦈.ws (shark), 🦉.ws (owl), 🦆.ws (duck) and ⚖️.ws (scales) auctions ended prematurely just passing $100 — looked to be the previous owner renewed all.

While many folks have all but the last nail in the emoji domain coffin, Claim.Club delivers the 3rd highest emoji domain sale ever reported, 3rd to ☁️.com and ☮️.com, and the #1 emoji domain sale for a ccTLD reported with the sale of 🔞.to (no one under eighteen emoji) for $5K.

Claim.Club Sells .to emoji domain for $5K

And if you’re pondering or wondering about the credibility of this latest emoji domain sale reported, a NameBio.com link was provided as evidence.

I’m not certain who purchased 🔞.to. It currently resolves to a parked Register.to page.

Hat tip and best wishes to Claim.Club on a remarkable emoji domain sale.

Not certain what this means for emoji domains, if anything, but it may very well be the shot heard around the world for emoji domains.

Only time will tell when we look back and recap 2018 happenings about 5-6 months from now.

Well, that’s all for now!

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