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If you’re new to registering and owning emoji domains, then you’ve likely discovered the scarcity of single emoji domains, especially .WS and .TO emoji domain extensions.

Or perhaps you were one of many lucky persons able to snag a few circa 2014 or 2015 before emoji domain search sites and engines started popping up left and right.

And if not then, then maybe you purchased your favorite emoji domains by way of public auction, expiring auction, or a 3rd-party private sale.

Emoji domains are the current talk of the town. But truth be told, emoji domains somewhat remind me of the dog that barked and chased the car. How so? Continue reading

NamesCon has concluded with yet another successful year as I type this recap of Day Three (more to come).

If you’ve missed Day’s One and Two Recaps, then please click below to explore my NamesCon experience:

Day One of NamesCon 2018 in the Books

Day Two at NamesCon: Domaining to the Future.

It’s the start of Day Three of NamesCon, the halfway point. In a city that never sleeps, I find myself a few steps slow. Continue reading

That’s a question every domain investor should answer without stammering, and without fail. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all going to die! 😳

None of us are going to live forever although our portfolio’s could likely continue on until the end of time should a proper plan be in place to allow for such a thing to happen.

And because our domain portfolios could and will live on, don’t you think it’s worth all the time and money you’ve invested to ensure your domain portfolio is managed well beyond death or disability? Continue reading

The other day I was mining the GoDaddy Auctions Platform in prep of releasing the coming day’s daily auction listing, and stumbled upon a new GoDaddy auction user experience.

For some reason I had not encountered this new interface I’m soon to share with you, but I like what I’m seeing.

Watching a number of domains at any given point throughout a day, I personally use a variety of factors to determine whether or not I’ll decide a domain is undervalued and worth purchasing. Continue reading

A few days ago, I shared with you about GoDaddy Domain Auctions disappearing before time expired as experienced by now retired, longtime domain investor Rick Schwartz.

Schwartz was figuratively robbed in broad daylight by GoDaddy’s Aftermarket platform as he actively bid on a expired domain that vanished from his viewing with less than 5 minutes this morning.

With no good explanation of what took place, Schwartz took to Twitter, and lit a fire under GoDaddy with endless questions, jabs and everything in between.

And where did this get him and us, the domaining community? Continue reading

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