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Love was in the air, and so was the news that DNForum had been sold as reported Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) by DomainGang.com. ❤  Breaking news to all, DNForum terms of agreement and buyer’s identity were protected by a non-disclosure.

But as it stands today, you’ve likely heard proverbial “shots fired” pertaining to DNForum’s resurfacing due to industry blogs sharing the identity of the new DNForum management team.

And based on my reading comments from various folks across industry blogs, the love that was in the air has some singing that the thrill has come and gone, never to return again. 💔

There are no shortage on thoughts and feelings at it pertains to the resurfacing of DNForum and involved parties. It’s truly the good, the bad, and ugly, and it’s more talk than just domains going on. Continue reading

Traversing the domain industry to find your place under the sun can be quite challenging, especially when your a newcomer.

There are many casualties and carcasses along the domaining journey to learn from or join. YIKES! 😳

One doesn’t have to blindly throw money down the drain purchasing ill-advised domains.

In fact, you’re likely better off attending a few conferences and touching base with experienced domainers BEFORE  spending a dime on domains.

And speaking of conferences, I recently attended NamesCon 2018. I met with a number of domain investors and industry professionals throughout the conference. Continue reading

It’s the top of another fast moving day. To get this day started off, I discovered an opportunity to save money on your next emoji domain purchase.

So, if you so desire to own a .TO emoji domain, then today’s offer could be just the opportunity to secure a single or combo emoji domain. Continue reading

What a winding path I’ve been since starting this both nearly 5 years ago.

From my early start with a focus on search marketing to current contentment and assignment as a Domain Name Strategist and Domain Investor.

It’s been a fun journey, especially since I’ve settled into the art and science and wheeling and dealing domains.

I don’t have many sales a year, but I aim to sale at least 7 domains a year with a minimum of 3 4-figure sales. The minimum helps to cover the cost of annual renewals.

So, I’m not a hardcore flipper like Josh from DSAD.com, whereby he could sale the word flip itself much like breathing.

Nevertheless, when performing a sale, one thing I’ve learned over the years is to use “Push” over “Transfer”. Continue reading

NamesCon has concluded with yet another successful year as I type this recap of Day Three (more to come).

If you’ve missed Day’s One and Two Recaps, then please click below to explore my NamesCon experience:

Day One of NamesCon 2018 in the Books

Day Two at NamesCon: Domaining to the Future.

It’s the start of Day Three of NamesCon, the halfway point. In a city that never sleeps, I find myself a few steps slow. Continue reading

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