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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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Kickstart Commerce represents the culmination of my journey towards implementing innovative technologies to automate and creatively solve business challenges in a unique manner, a journey dating back to 2000.

I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart born a creative problem-solver with an innate fascination with web technologies and automation.

My creative problem-solving collided with both business and technology and provided me an exceptional opportunity to serve companies ranging in size from start-ups to small and medium sized business to large conglomerates.

I possess a strong and a desirable love for the web, how it works and all it offers in terms of helping businesses to automate processes using technology and operate in optimal efficiency.

Over the decades, I’ve added various skill sets to my repertoire and foundation of web and software development, search engine marketing and optimization, and business and marketing automation.

Starting and operating various companies, I’ve personally experienced, and with high frustration, the pitfalls in attempting to achieve consistent customer growth and revenue in the online space while hoping to have highly visible search engine listings across all major search engines.

In an effort to learn about search engines, I began studying books and blogs while putting the newly learned knowledge to use, building simple websites with the domains.

I had high hopes that the simple search engine optimization tactics applied would achieve organic or natural search engine rankings on first and second pages of major search engines.

Success, and much followed, website after website.

Only after a 10-15 websites did I truly began to realize I was selling away the very future which was equivalent to the value of real estate’s most prized possession: land.

The way I saw and see it today is that I own the very valuable land (i.e. business-niche domain names) located near a superhighway (i.e. internet search engines).

Companies seek out this land to build skyscrapers on (i.e. their businesses) in an effort attract and gain business of the massive number of passerbys (i.e. potential customers looking for products and services using search engines).

Years later, these very instrumental entrepreneurial experiences and life lessons lead to the launch of the Kickstart Commerce search marketing and coaching/consulting services as a value proposition.

This internet marketing value proposition solves and addresses the lifelong desire of every business owner looking to dominate their online market space: a website consistently generating greater customer growth and revenue.


Are you ready to take possession of virtual real estate, attracting greater customer growth and revenue?

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