Is your website a link building officer? If not, get a badge.

If you’ve been around search engine optimization or even search engine marketing, then you understand and comprehend the power of link building and its vital importance to your website.

Whether a positive link building experience where your website’s content has garnered thousands of comments, re-posts  social shares or link lovin’ from related websites, or whether you’ve had the nightmare experience of negative link building to websites that were far cries from ever being considered related under any circumstance, we hope to provide you with a link building nugget today’s post geared to help your website *automagically* garner online brand ambassadors.

One of the main baselines for building traffic as well as a trove of links shared throughout the internet is writing original, useful content.

Content created for Search Engines: The old way of rising to page one.

Before search engines implemented extensive algorithms to sniff out those websites obtaining their content and links from farms and networks, less than stellar link building, and content creation and duplication were a breeze to implement and rank high for across all major search engines.

These deceptive actions became a highly profitable and viable business model for many.

When search engines caught wind of such fraudulent and gaming activities taking place, search engines politely allowed the highly ranked and searched websites involved in such corrupt activities to exit the stage left.

This heavy slap of the hand left certain offenders with highly penalized and less visible websites in search, and others completely removed from the search engines.

Let this be a lesson to always strive for useful and valuable content created for humans and not search engines.

Beware of link and content farming

One way of creating content is to outsource your websites content creation; however, we are of the opinion that the best way to create useful content is the business own the content creation in its entirety and not a 3rd-party source.

Be forewarned that should you choose to outsource your website content and are found guilty of duplicate or plagiarized content, search engines will penalize your website to a point of online nonexistence.

Yes, acquiring content and link farming services will work for a few months, but it is in your business’ best interest to not participate in such deceptive SEO practices all for the sake of generating greater customer growth and revenue.

Content creation meant to be consumed and shared by humans

Once a trove of useful and valuable content has been created for humans and not search engines, one can now provide a systematic way to share both content and website brand.

The sharing of content is native and usually simple in nature should your website is built on a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

And if not using a CMS, adding social sharing buttons, such as Facebook, Twitter, Disqus or Emailing, are quite easy to add to your website.

What are badges and why offer badges on my website?

Creating your website to be an effective and efficient link building officer is made easy when creating opportunities for others to become online brand ambassadors of your website.  One of the easiest ways to do this is creating badges.

Badges are much like stickers that represent your brand that others think are cool enough to wear rather display on their website.

Notice we say badges and not text links.  If you try to pass text links as badges, search engines will consider you to be practicing bad link scheming practices and penalize your website.

When creating badges remember badges are nothing more than linked images with proper and descriptive alt text.

Who are badges really made for?

When implemented correctly badges, badges have great search engine reach and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Badges typically find their comfy spot of warmth on the sidebars of bloggers.

We encourage your business to seek out niche-specific bloggers with high-quality ranking websites to help promote your online brand.

Remember, garbage in is garbage out.  If you select low-quality ranking websites, you’ll only hurt your website’s brand and help your website’s brand.

Time for simple and complex badge examples

Let’s take a quick look at two examples: and

Complex Badge Example: is a website aiming to help locals find the best photographers in Austin, Texas (see screenshot).

Best Austin Photographers

In the upper left hand corner of the website there are 2 website links, one for Home and the other for Badges.  Click the link for the badges to visit the badges page (see screenshot).

Best Austin Photographers Badges badge page is very simple as yours should be.

You can create more than one badge, creating as many as you would like.  If you provide more than one type and various sizes, you’ll find bloggers love options.

To create badges, all you need are images, HTML, and HTML Textareas.

Best Austin Photographers Badge Code uses javascript and php/mysql to verify whether a blogger’s website has been voted as a best Austin photographer.

If blogger’s website has been verified, then a badge is created dynamically and shown on the blogger’s website has being voted a website.

If not verified, then blogger’s website shows a badge recommending visitors to visit uses a more complex badge creation and management system.

Simple Badge Example: is a free emergency and disaster service for individuals to use to mass notify family and friends when a disaster occurs and their displaced.

Being a free service to by many people around the world, focuses on banner use to promote its service on various preparedness blogs.

Unlike, badges uses very simple banners consisting of images, html, and alt tags as shown below. Badges & Banners

That’s it.  Feel free to visit both sites.  Use the badge code example below to build your own badges, and to jump-start your website on its way to becoming a link building officer with search engine authority.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.