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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

At this precise moment in time, it’s the question of the hour as flurries of answers circulate the emoji domain circuit.

Before diving into answers, let’s settle on agreeing that .ws (and other extensions) IS NOT and will never be .com. There I said it, happy?

No matter how many single, double, triple, or any other concatenated combo to be imagined, emoji domains are not going to top 20+ years of .com history overnight, if ever.

It’s the truth. It really is the truth, literally and figuratively speaking.

I know I’m not making many friends with such a blunt intro, but we ALL must truly be objective as we consider how valuable emoji domains are in comparison to the domain industry in it’s entirety.

We can’t simply go about making up or pulling down numbers out of thin air because we’ve fallen in lust love with the hottest thing to hit domains in a while. Continue reading

If you haven’t heard by now, emoji domain names are on the up and up as each day passes, priming for their own market run much like that of bitcoin, ethereum and ripple runs.

Emoji domains have caused quite a stir this year, to say the least. And it doesn’t look like they’ll slow down anytime soon either. A growing population is speaking, texting, reading, singing, watching, and just doing about everything else imaginable using emoji.

Emoji domains are likely to disrupt and transform how businesses, small and large, market and advertise to a new generation of buyers with $200B+ buying power for years to come.

That said, many domain professionals, investors, and hobbyists are scouring forums, websites, social networks and more to get their hands on highly prized and valued emoji domain names. Continue reading

It’s been a minute since I tackled automating blog posts to social networks.

If you’ve been keeping track, then you know we’ve created auto post tutorials for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ using a variety of plugins and different paid and non-paid services.

I’m assuming that you guessed by the title of today’s post that we’ll tackle how to publish WordPress blog posts to Instagram.

Instagram is a whole different beast of a social network in comparison to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.  And here’s why I think so… Continue reading

I stumbled upon an interesting and engaging Twitter conversation about emoji domains.

I know, I should have been “off” and “unplugged” seeing that it was Father’s Day weekend.

But it’s my weekend and I wanted to check in electronically for a brief few minutes.

Reading the back and forth emoji domain tweets (see thread), many thoughts occurred and ran through my mind.

But let’s tackle and examine the elephant at the crux of the conversation though: hyping emoji domains. Continue reading

UPDATE 06/15/2017 6:16PM CST: GoDaddy has responded to my initial incident ticket confirming that my tests/findings are indeed a bug that they are working diligently to remedy. Stay tuned for more info to come.
UPDATE 07/04/2017: GoDaddy Settles for Buggy API.


Well, it’s Thursday, and it’s time to release the weekly list of available emoji domains.

If you’re clueless, then yes emoji domains are a thing, quite a HOT  thing too!  They’ve caught 🔥  in the last year and especially the last 6-7 months.

Everyone from independent consultants to churches to small businesses to conglomerates and everything in between are purchasing and garnering increased exposure using emoji domains.  Emoji domain future looks quite bright although ICANN thinks differently.

Nevertheless, I work diligently to assemble a weekly list of anywhere from 20-40 random emoji domains, informing and assisting the masses (that’s you!) in experiencing a taste of what is to become a marketing phenomenon (if not already).

Assembling this weekly list has been helpful to quite a few individuals, hobbyists, companies, and domain investors although it’s becoming a bit more time consuming.

Because of the time it takes to search by hand and increasing popularity of the lists, I finally reached a breaking point to invest a bit of time and lean on my software development skills reclaim my precious list prep time.  Let’s get to work! ⚙ Continue reading

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