Emoji Domains Catch Fire 🔥 with New Website and Extension

If you missed out on yesterday’s emoji domain rush, then consider this possibly your 3rd and final strike.

The first was missing out on registering .com and .net emoji domains, while the second strike was missing out on .ws emoji domains.

Nevertheless, there is still time, but you’ll need to really hurry along to grab what emoji domains remain available.

It all started with my daily check of Twitter and being inundated with Tweets, likes and retweets about a new round of emoji domain registrations.

The latest country-code top level domain to receive a bit of emoji domain love: .to.

Marc Köhlbrugge took us all for an emoji domain ride yesterday releasing 😄.to, yet another emoji domain registration engine and website.

With a mass media push from LifeHacker, Product Hunt, BetaList.com and a trove of other media outlets, .to emoji domain registrations came to life with nearly 30% of single emoji domain registered in one day.

In my opinion, the difference between .to and other emoji domain registration websites (i.e., i❤️.ws, EmojiHunt.io and Domanoji.com) is that Marc highlighted and focused on the most coveted emoji domains: singles.

In short, 😄.to shortcuts the emoji domain registration process like no other tool currently on the market.

In addition, 😄.to boasts a “Someone is looking at…” real-time notification that adds a level of interactivity and excitement to ensure you quickly register highly sought after .to emoji domain registrations.

Too, 😄.to automatically updates and removes emoji domains from Still available section to Taken section once they’ve been registered.

The Taken section also allows for taken emojis to be clicked and viewed. Because emoji domain registrations are new, most simply don’t resolve or if they do resolve, then it’s likely a domain forward or redirect.

Another aspect that lead to successful emoji domain registration numbers was presenting single emoji domain availability using a fresh extension: .to.

If you’re note familiar with .to extension from my previous emoji domain extension article and top emoji domain extension video, then know it’s the country-code top level domain extension for Tonga.

The .to extension is also referenced as short for Toronto and Tokyo as can be seen on Register.to.

Most people are familiar with .ws extension when it comes to emoji domains, touting a swelling 21,000 emoji domain registrations.

But like most innovative ideas, it’s likely you didn’t get in early enough to stake your claim to .ws single or double emoji domains.

However, because Marc shared available single emoji domains with the world via a mass media push, I believe this to be the start of yet another movement for emoji domain usage.

Only time will tell whether .to will surpass .ws as the go-to emoji domain extension. But in the meantime, head over to 😄.to and stake your claim while supplies last.

As for me, I was finally able to get my initials… 

There are only a handful of available single emoji domains that remain, so you better be quick with the mouse, keyboard, and payment!

Hurry along now…

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.