Domain Auctions Ending 6/16/16

It’s The Month of The Father

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Good Thursday morning from Austin, Texas!

I have a day filled with meetings and a growing to do list.

You may or may not have noticed, but I posted another GoDaddy Buy-It-Now and Closeout Domain Auctions list a about 4 hours ago.

These are not daily lists I plan on providing consistently. If I see a good list of 5 or more undervalued domains between $5-$11, then I’ll likely provide a list.

Treat this list as a bonus and unexpected gift it is, and enjoy when they do happen!

Domaining News

In domaining news, here’s what you’ll want to read and know about:

That’s all for today. Let’s move onto today’s domain auctions.

Domain Auctions Ending Today:

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction pricing and details. – You know what time it is and be… – You build it and it delivers quality links… I guarantee you someone will knowingly and unknowingly buy it. – ..Near you. – It is Hurricane Season and this is a good geo service domain to flip or develop, that’s all. – Exactly how I feel about my voicemail. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! – Brandable domain for a mobile fitness company or trainer. – Wonder if anyone is likely to purchase TheReferralMarketing.Guru? – Hopefully, this company can whip my advertising into shape and deliver higher sales conversions, right? – Learn the good, the bad and ugly about the latest gear hitting the streets. and – a duo worth bidding on and winning together. I guess this would lead to or – It’s all about the trout, right? – Common saying to classify, categorize or group – Huge market and opportunity to provide landlord starter kits and management services. – When I enter the room.. okay, I’m full of it! 😀 – The traffic that consistently delivers 6-figures over night.

A boatload of domain auctions to review and consider bidding on:

Did you know that you too could have your domains included in our daily domain auctions ending listing? Read about how to get your domains listed and more…

A handful of 4L .cc, .co, .net, .com domain auctions to consider:

Calling all brandable domain lovers, here’s your list for today:

4N, 6N and 7N numeric domain auctions are picking up steam:

A few geo-related and geo domain auctions to consider today:

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