Domain Auctions Ending 4/6/2016

I’ve been under the weather a bit this week with a sinus infection. The oak pollen and mold here in Austin is off the charts. Then again, it also doesn’t help with lawns being mowed and trees being pruned. Nevertheless, I’ll surprise.

In the news this week, I received a newsletter from Giuseppe Graziano entitled, “Is The Domain Market falling? I went to China to find out…”

Giuseppe discovers the various perspectives around the Chinese economic slowdown, and how those perspectives impact both real estate and stock markets.

More importantly, he discuses with a brokerage manager about the following:

  • Futures of 5L .com domains
  • The number of Chinese buyers using credit to purchase domains
  • Common objections to the future value of domains
  • and much more…

In other news,’s April 19th auction is just around the corner. This auction is receiving quite a bit of press and promotion for its featured 42 domain names. Read the latest update.

And finally, for those of you interested in learning more about developing and flipping geo service domains, then I encourage you to create a free account and download my latest guide: How to Develop and Flip Geo Service and Keyword Domains.

Onto today’s domain auctions. As usual, click domains to view their respective auction detail and data.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – 7 years old. The 11th Annual Austin Home and Garden Show happened this past weekend. – Do you believe in Aliens? 17 years old with 2 bids. – One of the hottest industries that is poised for more exponential growth. 12 years old with a $12 bid. – I don’t know about you, but I sure like for my space to be clean. 11 years old. – I’ll probably retire using this domain in my next career and love for vintage cars. 4 years old with a $12 bid. – Oh my goodness, it’s social goodness! Okay, a bit too much, but you get the point. 8 years old with a $10 bid. – I think it’s called big data, but this could be a great domain to brand pertaining to big data. 16 years old. – This is a word that could be branded around dictation, scribing, plays, etc. To say the least, it’s an interesting one-word .net domain to brand. 17 years old and quite popular in auction bids. – Short for Smart Marketing hack??? 17 years old and off the chart with bids. – My grandmother and parents once referred to living with a $10 cough instead of seeing the doctor. Hopefully, technically decreases costs instead of increases. 11 year old domain. – Share all your RV tales with the world. 12 years old with a $10 bid.

Additional domain auctions to consider:

A handful of numeric domain auctions:

4L .net domains are still swapping very much like blinking and breathing:

4L and 5L .com domain auctions:

Written by Alvin Brown
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