Domain Auctions Ending 3/3/2016

I’ve got quite a day before me today. I’ll bid, or at least set proxy bids, on a few domain auctions today in between meetings and real work.

I’m amazed at how fast this year is already passing us by. Before you know it, we’ll have the first quarter under our belts and onto the second.

In other news, reported that Michael Berkens has resigned from the Right of the Dot, LLC. If you remember, he had recently sold a majority of his domain name portfolio for an unofficial 8-figure sum to GoDaddy. Personally, this looks like a step closer to a much deserved retirement.

I also stumbled across a great article and guide for business owners attempting to buy a domain name that’s already taken written by Giuseppe. Not only is it a great read for business owners or those in the market for domains, but I think it’s also a great read and reminder for domain investors.

That’s all for now. Let’s get to today’s domain auctions. As usual, click the domains to view their respective auction details.

Domain Auctions Ending Today – Yes, trade those gifts that don’t quite fit you well for something you need or, more importantly, LIKE. 15 years with NO bids. – Makes for a decent domain to be used by a credit restoration service company, or credit solutions product or service. 11 years old with a $10 bid. – No lies or deception here. It’s all about seeing reality as it is. 17 years old with 3 bids.,,,, and – Not too often you’ll find a series of numeric domains to bid on.,, and – It’s a little murky if you ask me. Nevertheless, not bad names to own or develop. – Here’s a model, there’s a model.. everywhere’s a model. Great domain for an upcoming modeling agency looking to be in the middle of the modeling industry. 16 years old. – A bow hunting reviews website to compare the latest and greatest bows and accessories. 11 years old with NO bids., and – It must be a day of consecutive numeric .com domain auctions. This makes the second batch. – And here I thought it was kicking the can down the road. I guess this could be used for kicking a drinking habit involving alcohol or milk. It’s broad for development, that’s for sure. 10 years old with a $10 bid. – Everybody loves a good deal, especially when it involves VIP treatment. 11 years old with a $12 bid. – Austin’s had its fair share of crosswalk accidents as well as accidents where crosswalks are desperately needed. Could be a great data site to report and display the number of accidents in a given day. 16 years old with NO bid., and – Well… we went for two, so we might as well go for three. The third time’s a charm… let us hope so anyway. – I like this name for an application development company a lot. 17 years old with a $12 bid. – I could use a good batch of cookies right about now and a cup of milk to go with it. 10 years old with NO bid.

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Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.