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And so the question goes…

Is redirecting expired domains really worth my time and money?

Okay, so you’ve successfully completed your expired domains homework, checking off the following boxes:

Now that your thorough research is complete, bids placed, expired domain auctions won and successfully transferred to your account, I’m certain you’re wondering what to do next, right?

Can you really boost traffic and search rankings using, more specifically redirecting, expired domains?

expired-domains-auction-dreamWhat if I told you that you could increase your web traffic by double redirecting expired domains?

Before I answer that question with a YES, hopefully, you gave a bit of thought to how you would use expired domains long before you got all starry eyed and in love with your precious new found gems of domains.

You did give thought and draft a plan before bidding on expired domains in auction, right? Continue reading

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to catch up a few articles as it pertains to SEO.

One of the articles really isn’t an article as much as it is a tutorial video. I’m not certain it’s a tutorial video either as much as it is a knowledge share.

Nevertheless, the knowledge share is by Rand Fishkin. If you’re not familiar with Rand, his background and expertise as owner and founder of Moz.com, then you’re missing out on value-add content that’s applicable to growing your business.

Each Friday, Rand randomly chooses a topic to share and expound upon for the search marketing and business world to gain greater insight about. He shares by way of video called Whiteboard Friday.

If you don’t subscribe, then you ought to going forward. You’re missing out on a lot by not subscribing.

In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about one of the most imperative a decision a business makes about it’s digital presence: selecting a domain name.

Whether good, bad, or plain jane ugly results, you’ll live with the consequences of the selected domain name for your business. Continue reading

Recently GoDaddy hosted a well attended Hangout about the ins and outs of buying expired domains on GoDaddy’s auction platform.

I registered but didn’t get to attend due to celebrating a friends birthday with breakfast. And it was a GOOD breakfast too.

But fortunately for me and now you, GoDaddy recorded the hangout. Continue reading

Is it pivotal for your business to own a .com domain? That’s the question of the hour today.

Pivotal, a software and services company that provides agile development services on an open source platform.Today’s title plays on a massive $254 million Series C investment with a whopping $2.8 billion valuation recently awarded to Pivotal, a software and services company that provides agile development services on an open source platform.

As reported by TechCrunch, Pivotal has swooned the wallets of Ford, Microsoft, EMC, VMware and GE for a quite a hefty investment. Continue reading

I want to share a few thoughts with you about an experience I had in auction a few weeks back.

I’ve been consistently engaged with a countless number of expiring domain auctions for nearly 4 years.

Day in and day out, I engage or watch at least a good 200-300 expired domain name auctions of the nearly 100K that expire daily.

There are quite a few GoDaddy expiring domain auctions on a daily.

I’m quite surprised at the number of geo domains that pass through the expiring auction gauntlet without a bid, and then those that pass without being purchased as a buy it now or closeout domain.

I mention geo domains, yet I want to speak directly about the geo keyword domains.

I’ve written a quite a few articles on geo and geo keyword domains as a primary digital presence.

However, today is somewhat different based on my last auction experience.

I won’t go into the financial side of this expired domain auction purchase as it may impact the future sale of this asset.

But I digress…So, where was I at? Continue reading

Dear KC Readers,

Today is the last day of March. This month marks the 3rd anniversary in the journey of KickstartCommerce.com.

The last 3 years have been amazing, to say the least. There have been ups and downs, big losses but even bigger wins.

My confidence as a writer has been boosted while my writing has grown leaps and bounds. I’m not perfect and there is still room for improvement.

This has been and will continue to be journey. I made some changes over the last 3 months that have drastically put the blog on a different course than when I first started.

I want to share with you and others in hopes that this story inspires each of you to maximize your potential towards achieving excellence and greatness in what you’re called to do in life. Continue reading

Today, global conglomerates throughout the world are making a concerted effort to understand the value of premium .com domains as well as their impact to their respective company and industry.

Long have corporate marketing departments focused their efforts on marketing, advertising, and branding their respective companies to become leading industry titans, spending millions or billions of dollars each year doing so.

From startups to tenured companies with hundreds of years of experience in the industry and business, most derive from the school of thought in finding a word or name that has not a meaning, and injecting a meaning also known as branding.

While this has worked well for years, seeing companies like Etsy, Efty, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and others successfully thrive, businesses aiming to be the next in command of a dominating global conglomerate must differentiate itself amongst the approximately 800MM websites and counting. Continue reading

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