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Leased websites: Can they increase website traffic?

Leased websites are nothing new under the sun in terms of generating customer growth and revenue for businesses.  At its core, leased websites are nothing more than lead generation websites given a different name some would say. 

And if you have been around sales and marketing longer than 15 minutes, then you’ll appreciate and understand their worlds are built around an important business of concern: lead generation

And what are leads?  Simply put, leads typically refer to a person or set of persons who are ready to buy your products, uses your services, or simply shows great interest in your business.

Lead generation is a popular inbound marketing term used by businesses as a means of attracting new customers. Businesses use lead generation as a method to achieve consistent and qualified sales leads which generate consistent streams of revenue and increased market share.

There are many ways to generate leads in business, such as through advertisements, phone calls, and word of mouth. In today’s post, I will attempt to help you further understand the pros and cons of lead generation using leased websites. We will discuss in great detail how leased websites could prove to be good or bad based on the type of business you own and operate. Continue reading

Type-in traffic: Hidden Value of Domain Names.

Is your website capitalizing on type-in traffic?  There are many options available to website owners looking to increase organic search traffic or website traffic in general.

From pay-per-click advertising to paid ads to search engine optimization to guest blogging to link building to mini-sites, the average website owner or person looking to increase website traffic does not know where to begin.

Each of the previously mentioned options attain their respective pros and cons.  Each option should be seriously considered and heavily researched when making a final decision about how to effectively increase website traffic.

However, I want to share with you the hidden value and potential in owning exact match domain names.  More importantly, I want to discuss a hidden secret that most fail to realize or have not a clue in the world that it even exists for exact match domain names: Type-in traffic.

By the end of this post, I hope to shed light on an opportunity that your website or business can and should take advantage of to increase overall website traffic. Continue reading

The wave of the future: domain names for lease.

Top 7 considerations when domain leasing

The price of .com domains have skyrocketed and so have the number of domain leasing opportunities.  Much like physical real estate, domain names, especially .com domains, have become quite expensive and will likely see an exponential increase in years to come.

7 tips for profitable domain leasing.From small start-ups to mom-and-pop shops to national chains to global conglomerates, the one commonality all can agree to is the need for having a premium domain name as a means to generating greater customer growth and revenue for their business.

With more and more businesses being started by entrepreneurs or those involuntarily forced too, the need for a short, memorable and search-friendly .com domain name is in great demand while those mentioned attributes of a .com domain name are in short supply.

Many short, memorable and search-friendly .com domain names are account for and have been for quite some time.  Business owners starting out in business or looking to take their start-up to the next level will pay more than a pretty penny to secure ownership in such domain names.

Knowing that a premium .com domain name may be out of your grasp or price range, leasing a domain name instead of buying it is becoming a less expensive, popular and simple way of starting or taking an online business to the next level. Continue reading

Businesses gain seo authority using local domain seo to generate and increase website traffic.

Generating qualified traffic using local domain names

Allow me one moment to make a statement for what you are about to read and how it can change the way your online business operates.  Simply put, your business will be one or the other:

OPTION ONE: Most of you reading this post will either decide to put together a plan to purchase or implement local domain names for your business as a cost-effective method to drive more qualified local website traffic and sales.


OPTION TWO: Allow your competition to shut and lock the door to your business using one of the greatest search engine secrets, outside of capitalizing on type-in traffic, to generate greater customer growth and revenue: local domain names.
Continue reading

Exact match domains and their SEO value.

Consider exact match domains and their value when performing SEO

Exact match domains (EMDs) are domain names that contain the exact name of a business or an exact keyword for ranking high in search engines. Because of the value and quality of such premium domains, people started registering exact match domains just to rank high and did not have anything worthwhile to offer. Google launched an exact match domain algorithm to track such domains down and giving them less weight than those that were actually real websites and not spam.

So, today we will address the question of why companies should consider exact match domains when performing search engine optimization (SEO)? Continue reading

Competitive online marketing advantages your competition wish they knew about

Premium domain names: A secret your competition wish they knew about.

How effective are billboard advertisements in comparison to premium domain names?  Well, that’s a loaded question based on who you ask, where they live, and their perspective on life as well as their habits as a consumer.

From global to national to regional to local search engine marketing, Kickstart Commerce has a plethora of experience in helping customers to find the best media combinations or medium whereby their marketing and advertising spend will achieve the greatest return on investment (ROI).  And what a challenge this is due to the nature of each customer we partner with attaining various business nuances to take into consideration.

In today’s post, we’ll attempt to uncover the advantages and disadvantages of both billboards and premium domain names. Continue reading

premium domain names values

Premium domain name: Their value and why they cost so much.

What is the difference in a premium domain name versus a domain name? Domain names are quite powerful entities in the world of the internet given they are being duly paid for by the owners. If the owners fail to pay the yearly or quarterly bills, the domains become the property of the registrar and they become available to general public once again, or they become the property of domain investors, known as domainers.

premium domain for saleHowever, there is a totally different class of domain names out there, known as premium domain names that have been previously registered but are no longer used by the owners or registered and never used by owners.  The premium domain names are the most valuable and sought after domain names.  They are one or two word domains that are short, memorable, and can easily command high visibility across major search engines for businesses that utilize such search-friendly gems.

Not just any domain name can be considered a premium domain name.  The name of a domain is of absolute importance in this context and it determines the actually value of the domain and it being considered a premium domain name.

Consider some natural and single-worded dot com domain names like or Do they sound appealing? Continue reading

Mini-site secrets for personal and professional use

In the land of mini-sites  either they work or they don’t work, and there are many secrets to effectively using mini-sites.  Of course, that is a blanket statement in itself at surface level.

There are many pros and cons to the mini-site storied debate of whether businesses should or should not use mini-sites and how a business should go about implementation and execution.  Most individuals or businesses that have correctly implemented and executed mini-sites as a marketing strategy have found tremendous success in their ability to drive traffic, sales and customer growth.

So, what are mini-sites?  Continue reading

Desperately living by SEM and dying by SEM

Desperately living and dying by the SEM sword

“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”  Matthew 26:52 (NIV)

Today’s post took me back scripture and without apology.  Most business owners operating in the online space have come to recognize the importance and role that major search engines play in regards to their revenue stream.  From organic or natural search to link building to pay-per-click advertising, businesses throughout the world are counting on search engines to make the cash register ring each and every day.

As much as I love honest search engine marketing and, more so, organic search engine optimization, I would like to share a story with you of a business owner and their business reaping the harvest of a SEM firm sewing bad link building strategies.  Be forewarned about who and what company(ies) are allowed to optimize your website or provide search engine marketing services for your online business.  If your business is heavily dependent upon major search engines or they are the only source of driving revenue, your business that is desperately living by SEM could very well find itself signing a death certificate for a slow and painful death by SEM.

Today’s cautionary tale of living and dying by SEM is provided by a premium generic domain:  Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization Basics Applied to your Website

4 Simple Search Engine Optimization Basics Applied to your Website

Search engine optimization can be very much like a black hole when trying to explain it and all of its nuances.  From search engine optimization basics to the advanced, some SEO strategies are simple to implement while others are more complex in nature.  Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll understand how to go about implementing simple search engine optimization basics to increase organic search traffic for your website.  Let’s dive in and start discussing search engine optimization basics you can apply to your website today. Continue reading