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It’s been some time since I’ve had a moment to interview a personal or company brand.

Since my most recent interview, teaching kids to code using emoji, there’s been quite a few happenings in the emoji domain space:

And those are just a few of the many emoji domain highlights. That said, today I’m fortunate enough to share with everyone my latest interview with Burton Rast, the ‘sign of the horns’ (🤘) emoji domain owner. Continue reading

It’s a while since I had a moment to post about emoji domains nearing auction end.

I’ve been quite busy with a few other projects, plus my oldest recently started soccer.

Nevertheless, I was perusing the emoji domain marketplace and discovered a few expiring emoji domains with auctions ending quite soon.

Not all are worth investing in, so do your own due diligence before pulling the trigger. Continue reading

As I headed home from the office to visit my wife and kiddos before their nap time, I checked Twitter to see a post from Konstantinos Zournas (@onlinedomaincom), owner and operator of OnlineDomain.com.

His post was in regards to the 🍋.ws emoji domain being listed in a NameJet auction.

Continue reading

Exactly a week ago, I identified a few emoji domains in expiring auction via GoDaddy’s aftermarket platform.

I’m not certain of the outcome of the ✎.ws (the lower-right pencil pictograph) domain.

It was last listed with buy-it-now (BIN) status of $10. Currently, it looks like someone scooped it up and parked it a via Sedo page. Continue reading

It’s a new day, yet emoji domains are still trending and quite well too. In fact, it’s been another milestone week for emoji domains.

If you were fortunate enough to experience the initial moment Twitter caught fire and to purchase a single .to emoji domain because of it, then count it a blessing and hold tightly to your new emoji domains. Here’s why… Continue reading

A few days late with this post, but I’m sure you’ll find value in it.

Nevertheless, you’ve had to be living under a rock or some place not Earth to have missed all the hoopla in regards to Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general.

As it pertains to domaining, there are many domain professionals, investors, and hobbyists either fully committing or been dabbling in cryptocurrency in some way.

Personally, I have to admit that I really don’t understand the technicalities of cryptocurrency pertaining to mining and initial coin offerings.

So, for lack of understanding, I’ve chosen not to invest. However, I’ve been following a few friends here in Austin, Morgan Linton, and Rick Schwartz and their views and standpoints pertaining to cryptocurrency markets. Continue reading

If you missed out on yesterday’s emoji domain rush, then consider this possibly your 3rd and final strike.

The first was missing out on registering .com and .net emoji domains, while the second strike was missing out on .ws emoji domains.

Nevertheless, there is still time, but you’ll need to really hurry along to grab what emoji domains remain available.

It all started with my daily check of Twitter and being inundated with Tweets, likes and retweets about a new round of emoji domain registrations. Continue reading

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