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Domain Names

Yet another wrinkle has been added to expired domain auctions in the last week or so.

If you’re new to domain investing, then you want to read this article closely. It could truly change the outcome of your GoDaddy expired domain auctions experience.

If you’re like me, I spend a good chunk of time within the GoDaddy expired domain auction platform.

From preparing daily auction lists to researching and investing for customers to doing my own investing, I quite often notice changes like the latest one.

Af first, I thought I might be seeing and experiencing an auction glitch of some sort when I first encountered this wrinkle.

Before saying anything or too much, I decided to wait a week to see how things shake out. And sure enough, I wasn’t seeing things. Continue reading

Let me be the first to say that I’m not certain where emoji domains are headed.

It’s highly unlikely that they’ll become the .com darling or widely accepted and used as a primary web presence option for businesses and personal brands.

You have to admit that emojis spice domains up a bit although not a complete replacement. In fact, I believe emojis lend themselves well to being using in print ads as short links.

That’s one of the very reasons keyword domains exist today is because we humans can’t seem to remember IP addresses.

With a decent chunk of .com domains registered, emojis just might supplement the story plot a bit more.  How you ask? Continue reading

If you haven’t heard the latest news over Mother’s weekend, over 90 countries were hit by the Wanna Decryptor virus, also known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt.

In light of this news and the release of I❤️.ws, got me to thinking about Emoji + ASCII domain names.  If you have no clue of what I’m talking about in regards to emoji domain names, then check here and Twitter to get up to speed.
Continue reading

I receive a fair amount of weekly emails from people across the world attempting to sell me on their greatest gem of a domain and how it’ll change my life forever.

Not too often, one of these emails will be legit. Most recently, the email offers have been hyphenated, multi-word, wrong tense, wrong order if any order domains.

Case in point, the following emails just today and yesterday:

  • Furniturez.biz
  • Downloadz-empire.net
  • Downloader-manger.org
  • SafeCab.net
  • Villerealestate.com
  • TheTermInsurance.com
  • ACarRepair.com

Most of these reach the spam bin if not already in there to begin with. But then there are a few legitimate domain sales emails that catch my eye.

The one I’m referencing today that caught my did for a number of reasons. Continue reading

domain-negotiating-powerIt’s quite popular, but posting domains with prices on Twitter might not be the smartest move for domain investors.

If you’ve been keeping up and watching the flurry of activity around @DomainKing’s Twitter posts, then you’ve likely been seeing a trove of domain listings.

It’s been entertaining to watch and learn at the expense of others. There’s nothing like learning from someone else’s downfall as well as their upside. Continue reading

This time last week I was in route to League City, Texas with much anticipation for a bit of shop talk, and engaging new relationships at the DNHouston Meetup.

Domain Party Aboard HoustonPartyBoats.com

And what a time we had aboard a HoustonPartyBoats.com barge sharing with one another as well as hearing some insight thoughts about search marketing and domain industries. Continue reading

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