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When new to domaining, there can often be a tendency to emotionally bid and buy expired domain names.

If familiar with expired domain auctions, specifically the GoDaddy aftermarket platform, then it’s likely you’ve been tempted to purchase closeout or buy-it-now domains for cheap.

You peruse the list and spot a desirable expired domain name that looks too good to be true.

You question yourself. How did this domain manage to slip through the cracks and off the radar of daily domain bidders in expired auction without a single bid?

The stars must have aligned for this expired domain and I to be united sings the voices in your head.

You buy the expired domain name thinking of the massive returns you’ll soon realize by developing or flipping.

Truth be told, we all have likely been down the path only to drop and not renew those domain gems we thought to have made us a fortune.

Don’t lose hope though. Today, I’m sharing with you a bit of insight to help you spot trending expiring domains that are undervalued. Continue reading

We’re back and kicking off the week with World Emoji Day. And you know what that means, right?

It’s time to lose our minds crazy using emoji as we celebrate our new found communication path of the future today.

If you didn’t know, everybody young, old, and in between use emoji to freely express the good, bad, and ugly parts of themselves!

And if you don’t believe that, then maybe the following convinces you otherwise: Continue reading

Shouts of praise and joyous screams of “Live long .ws” can be heard around the world just in time for World Emoji Day.

The general public has spoken and crowned .ws as King of Emoji Domain extensions.

There’s no other domain extension that can or will ever compete with .ws for emoji domains. 😱

And just how do we know this? “We Smile”, and simply check the poll results. 😂

As @DomainKing quite often says, “Numbers don’t lie, people do!”

Continue reading

I was sitting with a customer yesterday discussing various re-branding options for her business.

She currently has an events planning centric domain presence for her company, yet her service offering has morphed into focused child care services for well-to-do families.

As we discussed whether or not her current domain name was the best brand representation, we brainstormed new domain possibilities.

Not in front of my laptop at the time of our conversation, I reached for my ole trusty mobile device and instinctively opened the GoDaddy iOS application. Continue reading

Not long ago, I wrote about where and how to go about registering the latest craze to hit the domain name industry: emoji domains.

If you’re new to the emoji domain conversation, then buckle up your seatbelt as you have a bit of catching up to do.

Yes, those little funny faces and quirky gestures used in text messages, blogs, social media, email and more have now found a home in web urls and domain names.

By the title of this post, you’re likely thinking I’m a bit off my rocker to question which extension is most popular to register emoji domains.

After all, the no-brainer answer when registering your next web presence is always .com, right? Continue reading

Just wanted to report back after a fellow reader questioned about my original GoDaddy API post.

It’s been an interesting two weeks since I wrote first encountered and reported a GoDaddy API bug pertaining to domain availability.

Coming from 15+ years of enterprise software development experience, I initially assumed I invoked the error.

However, I was relieved when GoDaddy responded via email agreeing that I had found an API bug.  Continue reading

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