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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

As usual, the domains below are in their closeout or buy now price, and likely to drop catch or deleted should they not be purchased.

Although I don’t provide much commentary on the domains selected for Friday’s Bag Ole’ Domains, the names I select are based on being good domains to brand as your business or simply a business-in-a-box type of a domain.

The selected domains only have hours to be purchased in some cases, so don’t think you’ll be able to wait forever and a day to purchase.

Oh yeah, I’ve added a few domains that are capable of being hand-registered too (look for asterisk next to domain). Continue reading

I’m not certain how these Fridays keep rolling around as fast as they do, but they are.  Yet this Friday is a bit different for the House of Brown as we celebrate my beautiful wife’s birthday and this weekend.

I can’t even put into words what my wife means to me.  I love her more than she’ll ever know.  She’s my wife, best friend, lover, and mother of our beautiful and fast growing family.  She’s sacrificed quite a lot to say the least to mother our boys and take on the thankless job of COO for the House of Brown.  Second to God, there’s not much that I can do without her.

So the boys and I will attempt to make a valiant effort to rough it this weekend, and give her a whole day to herself.  I’ll be fine, but I’m not sure about the boys.  Oh well, we’ll survive. Continue reading

Looks like Michael Cyger is back at it again!  If you’re not familiar with Mike, then you might want to get to know him and a growing line of domain industry websites.  But before I share his latest news I stumbled across, let me give a quick background.

I’ve known of Mike since his days of successfully owning iSixSigma.com, and the selling it with his media company.  The lean six sigma training company I previously worked for advertised quite a bit of annual marketing spend with iSixSigma.com.

Then, there is also another project I was invited to participate in called Page2Sucks.com.   Come to think of it, I haven’t visited that site in quite a while. I got a personal invite when I called Mike to pick his brain about a personal project of my own that would mimic his iSixSigma.com’s advertising plan.  That project did launch, but Facebook and Twitter grew faster than it did. But onto Mike’s latest news… Continue reading

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching is so is my wife’s birthday.  Fortunately, she’s very easy to buy for and doesn’t ask for much.  She’s truly a sweetheart and the perfect wife for me.  She doesn’t ask, demand or command that I buy over-priced chocolate and roses.

Nevertheless, I try to make up for lack of Valentine’s day throughout the year with random days of thoughtfulness and not just because mainstream America, rather Hallmark, says I should.  I love seeing her surprised and she loves being randomly surprised.

Nothing much going on for Hump Day.  Today’s domains are decent.  Most of the domains below are more that 15 years old, so you’ve got age on your side.  I’ve included a few geo keyword domains in the auctions list that I think are good domains to bid on.  And of course, I’ve included the popular 4L and 4C domains, both .net and .com.   Continue reading

I wasn’t sure if it would happen or not, but a new extension was used in a Super Bowl commercial.  I personally didn’t see it, but looks like Elliot Silver did and reported it.  The new extension was .MOVIE and the movie was Gods Of Egypt.  I don’t get to the movies much, but it does look like an interesting movie.

So, is this the year and the beginning of new domains starting to go mainstream?  Personally, I think we’ll see many enterprise-level brands began to effectively use the new extensions as new marketing strategies are formed.   As for mom and pop shops, I doubt we’ll see much movement in terms of new extensions being used as a primary digital presence.

press-your-luckIn other news and thoughts, I’ve been debating on whether to press my luck (dated myself there!) investing in LNNL, NLNL, and NLLN .com domains, and 4L .net and .cc domains.

Of course, there’s much talk of the current 4C, primarily 4L .com domains, domain explosion with China and other markets to follow. Continue reading

As for SuperBowl 50, I’m not a fan of either team.  And I’m not certain who won only because the game is still going as I write up Monday’s (today now) domain auctions list.

There have been some weird commercials this Super Bowl year. One commercial that comes to mind is #PuppyMonkeyBaby.  I’ll leave it at that.   Continue reading

It’s been a while since my last post local market businesses using domains to crush the competition.

I’m quite excited to share with you a recent Austin business I found that “gets it” and an article that brought it all home for businesses needing to solidify their presence on the web.

I stumbled across Ali Zandi’s most recent blog post, A Letter to Companies Without a Premium Domain. WHEN, not if, you get a minute, take a minute to read and share with fellow business owners.

In short, Ali, a domain industry veteran, expresses and shares the downfall of companies not owning a premium domain. Continue reading