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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

As for SuperBowl 50, I’m not a fan of either team.  And I’m not certain who won only because the game is still going as I write up Monday’s (today now) domain auctions list.

There have been some weird commercials this Super Bowl year. One commercial that comes to mind is #PuppyMonkeyBaby.  I’ll leave it at that.   Continue reading

It’s been a while since my last post local market businesses using domains to crush the competition.

I’m quite excited to share with you a recent Austin business I found that “gets it” and an article that brought it all home for businesses needing to solidify their presence on the web.

I stumbled across Ali Zandi’s most recent blog post, A Letter to Companies Without a Premium Domain. WHEN, not if, you get a minute, take a minute to read and share with fellow business owners.

In short, Ali, a domain industry veteran, expresses and shares the downfall of companies not owning a premium domain. Continue reading

It’s the top of the morning, and it’s an early Saturday morning.  While most everyone is asleep, I’m cranking away looking and reviewing quite a few domain auctions I plan on bidding today.

Of course, I’ll have to use GoDaddy’s Investor App because today will consist of 2 birthday parties, mowing the lawn, tweaking my 77′ Caprice Classic’s carburetor (cold starts are nightmare).  Seems that as the weather gets warmer, my Saturdays are more and more preoccupied with my weekly outdoor chores and birthday parties.

Ah, I’m grateful for both as they are simply seasons that come and go.  Might as well enjoy both while the season is here.  Too, I’m getting quite antsy these days anticipating the time change.  I’m ready for longer days and warmer weather.

As for domain auctions, there’s not much to see in regards to keyword domains and domains to brand.  There are a handful of 4L .net and few numeric .com domains to watch, but nothing more. Then again, there probably are a few more auctions to watch, but I’m REALLY ready to get outside and start my day. Continue reading

As usual, the domains below are in their closeout or buy now price, and likely to drop catch or deleted should they not be purchased.

Although I don’t provide much commentary on the domains selected for Friday’s Bag Ole’ Domains, the names I select are based on being good domains to brand as your business or simply a business-in-a-box type of a domain.

The selected domains only have hours to be purchased in some cases, so don’t think you’ll be able to wait forever and a day to purchase.

Oh yeah, I’ve added a few domains that are capable of being hand-registered too (look for asterisk next to domain). Continue reading

Woohoo, it’s FRIDAY, and I’m glad about it.

Professionally, I’ve had a trying week of ups and downs when it comes to winning deals.  I’ve won some and lost some.

Heck, personally, I think I may have even lost a friend that chose money over our friendship.  But hey, that happens sometimes.  My mother always told me, “One can never lose a friend that one never had.” Enough of that talk.  Let’s get down to business. Continue reading

Well, it’s another day and another set of domain auctions ending today.  Personally, I’ve had a good week and I’m very excited today.  Why?

Well, today’s a special day because it’s my best friend’s birthday.  To my buddy from way back when, brother our journey has been fun and I look forward to many more years and birthday celebration.  As each and every year passes, I’m more grateful for friends, birthdays, celebrations and life in general. Continue reading

groundhog dayApparently, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow and has issued an early spring notice.  You know, Phil has a real tough job that only comes around once a year.  Now that’s a sweet gig, if you ask me.

With spring coming, my hope is that more lucrative domain sales, auctions and deals will happen since warmer weather tends to be a positive driver for the masses.   Continue reading