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Today’s post caught me by surprise, to say the least.

As you should know by now, I keep my iPhone or iPad near me at all times when watching TV, primarily when watching the news and more specifically, the weather forecast.

Yes, I know that I can simply pull up the weather using an app or my trusty old iPhone.

However, there is just something about hearing it live and watching a person guess wrong 80% of the time and still keep their job. Weather reporting is seriously a sweet gig! But I digress… Continue reading

But before I call it a day, I wanted to share with you a few local Austin events using domains to increase awareness for their event.

The first event I happened to see while waiting for the 10 o’clock news weather forecast.

Yes, I know that I can easily use my phone, tablet or laptop for the weather at any time.  It’s my mother’s trait and she programmed me well.  Thanks Mom! 🙂 Continue reading

Today, does your domain limit where and how your business grows tomorrow?

Use the restroom, grab your coffee and a snack for today’s thoughts. Let’s begin.

I’m not certain that too many business owners think about the posed question in great detail. It’s quite apparent when observing the number of businesses within the radius of where one lives and works.

Personally, I encounter and engage a small number of SMB businesses that “get it” while others don’t have a clue nor do they clearly comprehend the importance of a digital presence. Continue reading

Today’s domain find I’m sharing is about a neighbor’s lost four-pawed family member.  This story hits too close to home for me.

The great escape…

A few years back, our two boxers got out for half a day on the town and ventured six streets over without my wife and I ever knowing until the latter part of the evening.

It wasn’t until my parents called to check on my wife who was pregnant at the time. It never fails, my parents call and eventually ask about the dogs and how they are doing.  When they asked, I went to show them they were outside either playing or napping.

That wasn’t the case this day.  The dogs were no where to be found in the backyard.  This didn’t seem odd to me. We tend to bring the our dogs in for a late afternoon nap.  It wasn’t until I came in and found their custom-made kennel empty that I begin to wonder and panic a bit.

I asked my wife had she let the dogs in.  She stated they were outside in the backyard.  And I did as Scooby would, “Ruh Roh”.  Houston, we have a problem as the dogs were not in the house or the backyard.

So, I checked the gate closest to their dog house and it was locked.  Then, I checked the other gate to find it had been left open.

Truth be told, it was an Austin City Inspector’s fault our dogs escaped.  The city inspector was to inspect our sprinkler system.  He inspect the sprinkler system, yet he left the gate open for the dogs great escape.

Where does one begin to search for lost pets?

Well, let the search begin.  My wife and I got in the truck and begin to drive around the neighborhood. Continue reading

Can your potential customers remember your domain without misspelling it while hearing it via a television or radio ad?

If you’ve never considered the thought of whether or not your business’ domain passes the radio test, then today’s post will open you up to a world that is sure to change your perspective on the importance of using domain names passing the radio test.

Most business owners don’t know to consider the radio test when selecting a domain name for their business.  

In fact, most business owners consider their business name and domain based on emotional ties.

Others often consider a domain name based on registration availability.

There are a multitude of ways that domain names are conceived.  

However, the radio test is rarely, if ever, applied to most domain name selections.  

Now you may be thinking, “How does a domain name passing a radio test impact my business?  Well, I’m glad you asked.   Continue reading

I want to share a few thoughts with you about an experience I had in auction a few weeks back.

I’ve been consistently engaged with a countless number of expiring domain auctions for nearly 4 years.

Day in and day out, I engage or watch at least a good 200-300 expired domain name auctions of the nearly 100K that expire daily.

There are quite a few GoDaddy expiring domain auctions on a daily.

I’m quite surprised at the number of geo domains that pass through the expiring auction gauntlet without a bid, and then those that pass without being purchased as a buy it now or closeout domain.

I mention geo domains, yet I want to speak directly about the geo keyword domains.

I’ve written a quite a few articles on geo and geo keyword domains as a primary digital presence.

However, today is somewhat different based on my last auction experience.

I won’t go into the financial side of this expired domain auction purchase as it may impact the future sale of this asset.

But I digress…So, where was I at? Continue reading

As I was checking emails the other day, my eyes landed on an email from GoDaddy entitled “Action Required: Please verify your email address.”

I didn’t give the email much thought, and I’ll share with you why.

To give a bit of context, I was opening GoDaddy email notifications pertaining to domain renewals and recent services I had purchased.   Continue reading

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